A concern Fan wrote an Open Letter to P’square, Read below:-

How bad this makes me feel, seeing Africa’s most talented duo getting into messy fights and spray the smells on social media 

It’s no new story about the Okoye brothers getting into fights and making it public on social media attracting comments from fans and strangers giving advice for a story they know not truly of.

But what exactly is the problem? This is a question I can’t give a specific answer to.

Psquare’s lawyer made a public statement saying none of the P’s are at fault neither does their wives has an hand in it, I understand the lawyer is just trying to do his job by not putting blame on anyone, but we can’t deceive ourselves, they didn’t just wake up one morning and start to fight, someone is definitely at fault.

Paul cannot just post about people being envious of his twin for no reason, without him hearing, seeing or being told something, this is pure logic, no one lays on the same bed with the P’s and their wives, so we have no idea what the wives whispers to the ears of their husband at night, then come out in public and act all innocent.

I won’t deny the fact I don’t know what exactly would cause the problems between them but no matter how they feel we don’t know what really happened, we know in no circumstances should this ever happen, all this is pure logic.

Two things that could possibly cause an issue between the twin is “Money” or “Women” and I see no reason why they would fight about money, Peter & Paul has a life any average Nigerian would wish for, a flourishing career, beautiful wives and kids, mansions, wealth, fame etc, what on earth do you want again?

I also see no reason why women would bring a fight between the duo, once upon a time this women were not in your lives, am calling out the wives of Peter & Paul Okoye, you women are at the exact position to make Psquare live in peace and as far as this is not happening, I would strongly blame you two for this, you are not speaking peace in heart of your husbands only speaking peace in public if this duo gets to fully split, the fire is on your head, remember your children, they would grow up and tell me how you would feel when u see them fight, maybe by then you would know how Psquare’s mother would be feeling right now in heaven, Lola okoye and Anita okoye only you both have the power to settle the duos differences whether u agree or not and if you don’t settle this, I hope the wrath of the duos late mother come on you both.

Peter & Paul, I hope you both realize you are not the only duo in Nigeria, we have Bracket & Skuki that has been in the game for a long time too, they are not twins they are not brothers yet you don’t see them fight and wipe their as**s on social media, they definitely would have fights ones in a while but they are matured enough to settle their differences while you both, blood and twin are acting like 6 year olds.

You both are becoming a disgrace to the Nigerian music industry and to Nigeria as a whole, fighting on camera. The P’square I know can sell a record, can make a hit without pulling stunt and controversies, if at the end of this you both make us believe it’s all a stunt (which I know it isn’t) doesn’t justify you both, you’re still a fuck up for pulling such expensive shii on fans.

I drop my pen 

I’ll keep praying for P’square and I urge Nigerians to keep praying too, my name is Stephen you can call me Ofishea